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Public Liaison Advisory Committee Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process for the FHSAA to add a new sport?

A: In order to be a recognized sport, a minimum of 10 percent of the total senior high school membership that is geographically situated in at least two of the four administrative sections must submit letters of petition to the FHSAA Board of Directors on official school stationery. Not more than three-fourths of these schools may be located in the same one administrative section. The request must also be submitted by the requisite number of member senior high schools within the same school year. If that is accomplished, then the FHSAA Board of Directors has the option to extend recognition to that sport.

Any activity that does not meet the criteria of a recognized or sanctioned sport is considered a club sport and is not under the FHSAA’s authority.

Q: If the school I attend does not offer the sport I want to play, can I participate at another school?

A: Bylaw 9.2 of the latest FHSAA Handbook addresses the options for home education students, charter school students, alternative school students, non-member private school students, Florida Virtual School students, middle school students attending non-member public schools and students in dual enrollment and early admission programs.

Please reference Bylaw 9.2 in the latest FHSAA Handbook.

Q: What should I do if I have complaints about officiating?

A: The first step should be to contact your school’s head coach and athletic director. The FHSAA has an officials evaluation program and the head coach and/or the school’s athletic director is encouraged to submit an evaluation form after every game, regardless of whether the officiating is perceived to be good or bad. This feedback is then used to provide our officials with accurate data to stimulate improvement and is also taken into consideration when the FHSAA assigns officials in the postseason, beginning with regional tournaments or play-in games.

Please be aware that the FHSAA does not assign officials during the regular season or for district tournaments. In those contests, the host school will typically contract with a local officials association, provide the team schedule and then the officials association supplies the officials  for each contest.