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Camp Participation Guidelines

In accordance with Bylaw 9.9 (listed below), student-athletes wishing to participate in athletics are subject to the guidelines on amateurism listed in the bylaw. Underclassmen student-athletes who attend a camp may keep the personal items provided without jeopardizing their FHSAA eligibility. These items are limited to the products required for participation in the event. Any additional items must be approved by the FHSAA. Please contact the Eligibility and Compliance Department with questions or concerns.

9.9.1 General Principles.
A student may not participate in an athletic activity of this Association unless he/ she is an amateur. An amateur is one who engages in athletic competition solely for the physical, mental, social, and pleasure benefits derived from the activity.
9.9.2 Forfeiture of Amateur Status. A student-athlete forfeits amateur status in a particular sport for one year by:
(a) Competing for money or other monetary compensations;
(b) Receiving any award or prize of monetary value which has not been approved by the FHSAA;
(c) Capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money or gifts of a monetary nature;
(d) Signing a professional playing contract in any sport or hiring an agent to manage his/her athletic career;
(e) Competing under an assumed name.
9.9.3 Permissible Awards, Gifts, or Other Compensation. A student-athlete will not forfeit his/her amateur status for accepting:
(a) Symbolic awards such as school letters, medals, trophies, plaques, pins, keys, or ribbons of small monetary value purchased from an established awards company;
(b) Rings, sweaters, jackets, or award blankets provided that they are presented by the school which they represent and do not exceed the value of the purchase price from an established awards company;
(c) Remuneration of “essential expenses” for any game in which he/she participates as a player; limited to meals, lodging, and transportation;
(d) A college scholarship offer. Amateur Sports Guidelines. The FHSAA uses the guidelines of the national governing body of a particular sport, when applicable, to determine the types and amounts of benefits an amateur may receive.
9.9.4 Violations. Violation of the amateur rule in one sport does not make a student ineligible in all other sports.