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The FHSAA is proud to announce Lake Howell High School as the winner of the 2019 Sunshine State Spirit Showdown.

Sunshine State Spirit Showdown

·         Does your school have spirit? Show us!  “Sunshine State Spirit Showdown” is an opportunity for schools to film their student cheering section and become the best in the state!

·         What is its purpose:

o   Promote positive sportsmanship

o   Community-wide feel of school enthusiasm

·         Who can participate?

o   Everyone from students to administrators, yearbook staff to band, and athletics to TV production will be encouraged to participate in this project. 

Judging criteria

·         Social Media Fan voting begins February 10, 2020

o   Videos that meet the criteria and are appropriate in content will be uploaded to FHSAA YouTube using the playlist feature.  FHSAA YouTube Playlist will be placed on FHSAA website and social media and promoted through FHSAA website headlines and social media.  Fans will be encouraged to watch all videos and vote on favorites on FHSAA Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using the JotForm link that will appear at the bottom of each video and on social media sites.

§  Voting will be limited to one time per computer, one time per valid email address

§  Respondents will not be able to go back and change answer

§  Survey and voting will end on Februrary 24, 2020 at 5 p.m ET.

o   Social Media fan votes will enhance the score from Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

o   To keep the contest fair between large schools and small schools, fan votes will be divided by school population and the resulting percentage will determine how many of the ten possible bonus points the school will receive.

o   SAAC will select the winner based on the top three highest rated videos.

·         Student-Athlete Advisory Committee evaluation on March 9, 2020

o   Judging will be based on the following:

§  Positive emphasis on sportsmanship

§  Student body and community participation

§  School spirit

§  Originality and creativity

§  Organization of the student body

§  Fun!

§  How well did each school follow the guidelines of contest

Video Content and Length

·         90-second to 3-minutes in length and meet the judging criteria of an organized student body and community participating in positive sportsmanship and creative school spirit cheers

·         Must include at least 30-seconds on why student body is the best cheering section in the state

·         Member schools will be able to film student cheering section during all sports seasons that fall between mid-October and late-January

·         Videos may include picture montage and music segments. Content should not be recycled from last year.

·         Special chants, crowd participation activities (the wave, roller coaster, ect), choreographed dances, theme nights, halftime contests and activities, posters, signs and anything that is your unique to your school will make for an entertaining video

How to Enter

·         Upload video of school spirit competition entry (one entry per school) to FHSAA office by February 3, 2020 using the following URL: Follow-up the upload with an email to to ensure no issues with the uploading process.

·         Videos appropriate in content will be uploaded to a YouTube playlist and FHSAA social media for fan voting from February 10, 2020 through February 24, 2020

Determining Winner

·         SAAC will judge each video based on the above listed criteria and 10 points will be awarded to the SAAC's top-ranked video

·         Social Media fans votes will enhance overall score

·         Winner will be announced March 10, 2020

o   Will receive plaque and banner from FHSAA

o   Presented by FHSAA Staff Member at event hosted by winning school.

§  Mutual date will be determined by winning school and FHSAA


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