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Finance - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit a financial report and, if so, which financial report form do I use for my event?
Click Sanction Fees vs. Financial Report Breakdown.  This chart will tell you which sports have the financial report filing requirement and if so, which form to use. The forms are numbered and are available here.

What admission can I charge for a Football Classic?
The admission price to preseason and post season Jamborees, Classics, Tournaments, Meets and Bowl Games in all sports shall be determined and stated within the contest contract by the host school.

If I have a loss on a Football Classic do I still have to pay the percentage?
Under current FHSAA policy, schools hosting a Football Classic are required to submit a percentage of the gate, even if there was a loss on the event.

Do I have to submit a financial report for my event if I did not charge admission?
If a sport has the financial report filing requirement, then you must submit a financial report for that event. Click here to access all financial forms. Complete the revenue section showing “none”, complete the expense section and submit the form within 30 days of the event. Bowling, Cross Country, Flag Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track and Field, Boys Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting and Wrestling are exempt from the financial reporting requirement.

As a district or regional host with a loss on the event, do I have to distribute a percentage of gross receipts to the participating teams and to the FHSAA?
The policy for distributions of profit or loss on district events with the financial reporting requirement is decided by the schools at the district planning meetings. If the district planning meeting notes are silent as to the distribution, then the standard FHSAA split as shown on the financial report form applies. District and Regional events have a special loss reimbursement policy.  The standard policy allows for a reimbursement to the host of up to $350.00 of a loss. Refunds are automatically generated with a timely and complete submission of the financial report form.  The policy also allows the district or regional host to make up to $250.00 of profit and not make distributions to the visiting school(s) or to the FHSAA.

What is the procedure for requesting the waiver of a financial reporting deadline fine that was assessed to our school?
You must request, in writing (e-mail preferred), a waiver from the Associate Executive Director of Financial Services within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Along with this request, please send any documentation that you feel supports your position. A decision will be made and your school will be contacted. The fine will either be reversed by the accounting department or will remain depending on the outcome. If you receive a waiver on a fine that has been previously paid, a reimbursement will be sent to your school.